We provide endodontic care at two locations to best serve our patients. When we decided to branch outfrom our main office in Duluth nearly four years ago, the thought was to bring services to a community that was in needof our specialty care.Our hope has always been to increase the availability of endodontic specialty care and allow more patients the opportunity to save their natural teeth.What we have found to be true is that it feels terrific to be a member of the caring dental community that serves the Northern Minnesota population.

Our main clinic/office is located in beautiful downtown Duluth, Minnesota. This spacious suite located in the historic Medical Arts Building was completely renovated to serve our needs in 2009. The Duluth office remains top notch in treatment and comfort.

Our team also works out of Northern Lakes Dental in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The Grand Rapids area dental community and residents are wonderful, and we are proud to have a presence there. The very busy Northern Lakes Dental doctors and staff have been terrific in accommodating our needs while keeping our operation completely removed from their own.